Friday, July 04, 2008


The government no longer refuses to license new solar power plants. My question is: which members of Congress voted to not license them in the first place and now have opposed lifting the ban? Second question: How much have those members of Congress received as "campaign contributions" from the oil companies? Your paper would render a great public service by publicizing the anwers to those two questions.

In the 1960's our nation was heavily involved in the "space race" and in particular the effort to go to the moon. We succeeded in the latter because a great deal of money and effort were put into the program. At the present time our need is to find an energy source that does not involve fossil fuels and costs no more than oil and coal do now. What fraction of Gross National Product is being spent in this efflort? And what fraction of GNP in the 1960's was spent for the space race?

The present expenditure is very small in comparison, and those same members of Congress consistently vote to keep it so small that it cannot soon succeed, and thus guarantee at least another hundred years of high profits for the oil companies.